Bold Remembrance Butterfly Nipple Rings

How do you show appreciation to your loyal sub? He has been a sweetheart and showed you what loyalty means. Recently, you celebrated your anniversary as a partner in this BDSM journey. You are looking for a pretty trinket to show appreciation.

You know he is fascinated by piercings and is also in love with butterflies. If so, then you have the perfect gift with the Bold Remembrance Butterfly rings. Nothing too grand like a marriage proposal, you will still show him your taste and thoughtfulness with a captivating item.

Fascinating details and practical usage, that's what you will get with these items. These stainless steel masterpieces are inspired by nature with a captivating butterfly design. The wings are adorned with different colored stones and a purple pendant at the bottom. The barbell measures 16mm with ball ends of 5mm in diameter. You can discreetly ask him about his size but don't worry, the measurement can fit most average sizes nipples

These items have a total of 65 mm in length. A hefty option as compared to other and with more subtle designs. But, special occasions call for more extravagant jewelry. You will surely enjoy seeing these things sway as your partner pumps you during your heated session.

When your partner is a pro on rings, then he can install this on his own. Just remind him to wipe the area with a disinfectant to avoid exposure to harmful bacteria. But, you have to seek professional help if this is the first time he is wearing a ring.

Enjoy your view like never before. These are a fun addition to your sessions. You can tug at it, maybe a bite if your partner permits. Don't forget to add them to your purchase today!

Color Silver with bronze details
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Full: 2.56 inches (65mm)
Barbell:0.63 (16mm)
Ball: 0.20 inch (5mm)
Width/Diameter: Barbell: 0.055 inches (1.5mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair Dangling jewelry

Bold Remembrance Butterfly Nipple Rings

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