Unlock My Heart Chain and Lock Necklace

You are a private person. What happens inside your sex dungeon is your own business. And, of course, your Sub is your private property. If owners can build a fence around their territory to avoid trespassers, then you should do the same for your drop-dead gorgeous lover. The Unlock My Heart Chain and Lock Necklace will help you with that.

Most people will see these as ordinary mushy promise necklaces because that's how innocent they look. They will never have a clue on how these minimalist accessories hold a naughty secret—one that will only stay between you and your Sub.

This product comes with two necklaces so you can each wear your kink. The design of these accessories is straightforward and natural, just like your relationship. They have shiny silver cable-type chains with elliptical links that are of the perfect size so as not to draw any unwanted attention from nosy onlookers.

One necklace has a dangling heart-shaped padlock as a pendant with its keyhole at the body's center. The other piece, as you may have guessed, has the key to open the heart lock. A lobster clasp connects the ends of the chains to fasten it securely. You can give the locking necklace to your Sub or wear the key around your neck. This is to remind her that you have the upper hand in everything.

Not only are these necklaces easy on the eyes, but they are also simple to polish as well. You can use warm and soapy water for regular washing or lemon juice and toothpaste for a deeper clean. Rinse them well and store them in a sealed container after air drying.

This unique item is for Doms like you who value their privacy but want to declare their bondage relationship in the open without being too obvious. So don't think twice and purchase them now

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Heart Pendant:1.69 inches
Key Pendant:1.26 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Unlock My Heart Chain and Lock Necklace

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