Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock
Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock
Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock
Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock

It can be frustrating to go on a day without seeing her. More than that, not knowing her whereabouts and the people she’s around with make things even harder. You have her loyalty from day one, but you still can’t help but feel anxious. You’re afraid that someone from the vanilla world may convince her to go back, or she may meet someone from the community who’ll be more exciting than you.

Make sure your partner wears her full commitment to you wherever she goes when you get her this Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock.

Sleek and stylish, this accessory won’t give her a reason not to wear it. Matching perfectly with any outfit, this piece can elevate any casual look. This trendy piece is visually appealing. It looks lustrous when photographed, so she surely can make the most out of it as a subject for her social media posts.

This three-layered necklace is made of zinc alloy, a material known for its wear and corrosion resistance. Anything of this component boasts durability like no other. Designed to withstand everyday use, this piece is a perfect regular BDSM collar. It hides its kinky value behind a chic facade. Except for the choker, this stunning necklace has a pendant on each layer. A lobster swivel holds the chains of the princess layer while the ends of the opera are connected by a lockable heart. The matinee layer, on the other hand, has a security pin attached to big holes on the sides. The whole item is made adjustable, so she can easily find the right setting for her.

Of course, the heirloom quality of every piece lies in proper maintenance. Make sure you gently rub it with a q-tip or soft cloth. Doing so will remove the dirt lurking on its surface. This practice is a foolproof way to keep its pristine shininess.

Aim for maximum security wherever your partner goes. Add this commitment piece to your cart today!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Choker Layer - 15.75 inches (40 cm)
Princess Layer - 16.54 inches (42 cm)
Matinee Layer - 17.72 inches (45 cm)
Opera Layer - 20.47 inches (52 cm)
Lockable Heart Pendant - 1.73 inches (4.4 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Submissive Silver Chain Necklace With Lock

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