Flirtatious Belly Chain Sexy Seductress Jewelry

You like tying her up with chains, and not a single occasion has she resisted your dominance. With every mark left on her skin, she adores you for it. Your submissive gladly surrenders herself to you, but what do you have in return? The Flirtatious Belly Chain Sexy Seductress Jewelry, of course!

Unlike the chains that restrain and bind, this one will set her wild and seductive. It's a stunning belly chain that will highlight her sexy figure. This stunning piece will showcase her waist, butt, and thighs and bring out the most sensual version of her.

The body jewelry shimmers splendidly with rhinestones. These diamond-like crystals are prong-set on chains, so not a single sparkling stone will fall off. Thin curb chains and rhinestones hang from the belt chain, creating an alluring drapery from your submissive partner's lovely waist down to her thighs. The belt is 33 inches long with extra chains for adjustability.

It's available in gold and silver polishing, and both are equally tantalizing. It comes with a secure and sturdy clasp to ensure it won't slip off while she dances to enchant you and make your libido rise. Along with this jewel, gift her with a pair of provocative underwear or a bikini. Birthday suit? Why not!

Sweet, charming, yet gorgeously alluring, this jewelry should be on her waist 24/7. But to make it last, she has to take it off when she takes a shower. She can flaunt it at beach and pool parties, but she'll risk losing it in the water. Aside from that, soaking it in any liquid will take away its luster.

The belly chain is perfect for a lingerie night, but she can wear it over her sexy dress or skirt to glamorize her outfit. Make her very happy with a splendid chain that doesn't restrain but only adorns her divine beauty. Buy now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension Length:
Chain Length: 33.07 + 13 inches
Drapery: 15.75 inches
Width/Diameter: NA

Flirtatious Belly Chain Sexy Seductress Jewelry

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