Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks
Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks
Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks
Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks
Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks
Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks

The beauty of anal stimulation is that it gives you a distinctive pleasure. After all, the skin around the ass has sensitive nerve endings. That means you can achieve a different lustful surrender once you embark on this journey.

What better way to explore this realm than with the Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks? These are sturdy toys that can withstand all your planned activities with your partner as this is made of aluminum. The J-designed toy is made for pleasure. It may look a bit intimidating, but players of anal hooks attest to the excitement it brings to their sessions. The figure has a hole at the tip to allow your Master to tie you with any leash or cord he deems appropriate.

Moreover, this item has three plug options for you to choose from. You have the smallest plug with 51 mm in length and a width of 18mm. The largest selection has a height of 68mm and a diameter of 27mm. And for the best deal? Why don't you take all three sizes of plugs for a test? As a BDSM enthusiast, you know how important it is to gauge your level and match it with your bondage toys. Better be safe than sorry!

Don't worry because the anal plugs are designed with a flat base and a tapered design for safe insertion. Of course, you need a trusted lubricant on the toy and on the opening of the ass to make a smooth entrance. Also, make sure you go number two before the session as it helps eliminate nasty accidents during the heated encounter.

After the session, give time to wash the whole set with water and mild soap. Dry it quickly with a clean cloth before storage.

Now is your time to explore. Make it unique but totally satisfying. Try out this anal hook today!

Color Silver
Material Aluminum
Dimension Length:
1: 2.01inches (51mm)
2: 2.48 inches (63mm)
3: 2.68 inches (68mm)
1:0.71 inch (18mm)
2: 0.87 inch (22mm)
3:1.06 inches (27mm)
1: 0.29 lbs. (130g)
2: 0.31 lbs. (142g)
3:0.35 lbs (157g)

Choose Your Pleasure Anal Hooks

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  • $72.00

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