Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers
Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers
Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers
Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers

Your Sub does not only have a sexy body and a dirty mind. She’s a very willing seductress, too. Ah, you’re one lucky Dom. She does whatever it is that you want in exchange for a pleasant session of erotic torture. Name it; she’s done it. She was once a naughty cat, she’s been an obedient slave, and recently, she was your doting French maid. But your favorite is when she’s your private dancer. She sways her hips ever so sensually you could just take her right before she finishes her number. But not while she’s wearing the Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers, you shall wait.

The usual notorious clamps just got classy. This product has two variants. One includes a pair of standard-sized metal alligator clips that fit perfectly on your Submissive’s teats. Each clamp has a rubber-coated tip so her delicious ta-tas will not be scratched no matter how vigorous her dance moves get.

The other variant is a lighter version, a pair of pink string clamps. Knowing her, she’s not easily satisfied with mediocre stings, which is why you have to adjust the screw on the clips or the bead on the loop to make them bite tighter.

If you don’t find cabaret music erotic enough, then perhaps you’ll be entertained by the chimes of the tiny bells that hang on each clamp. The mischievous little ringers dangle from a hoop with a star at the center—very appropriate because she’s one herself. These clamps are available in two colors—Pink and Silver—so that you can match them with your mood.

Not only do they look nice, but these teat pinchers are also very easy to maintain. Sanitize them with warm water and soap, then leave them to dry before you keep them.

With the Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers, teasing and pleasing will come naturally. Get your hands on these before you miss the chance. Buy them now!

Color Silver, Pink
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Classy Dangling Nipple Clippers

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