Funky Charms Clear Nipple Rings
Funky Charms Clear Nipple Rings

You seem to be bothered when your lover wants to pleasure your nipple. They say that it's supposed to feel good, but you've never felt that way.

Although you told him not to, he is adamant and begs you to let him feel your teats. One way to make your nipples more receptive to stimuli is to add a piercing. The trinket accumulates blood towards the ends of the areola, making them extra sensitive to your partner's caress. If you want to start your piercing journey, the Funky Charms Clear rings are the best accessories for that.

These rings are perfect for you since they are easy to move inside the teats. It's made of acrylic. It is a sturdy material that will conform to the curves of your body. It is softer than metal but still does the job. These accessories are also easy to clean and rustproof, so you can enjoy them without any hassle.

Each ring features two circular barrels for closure. Be sure to seek a professional's help if it's your first time buying such accessories. These body parts are sensitive; hence, they need a skilled piercer to avoid untoward reactions like infections or body rejection.

Moreover, you will be receiving six clear rings. If you have other pierced areas of the body, you can use these pieces accordingly. What's exciting is that these are easy to take off and clean if you are planning for a quick get-away.

And the best part? Your nipples will feel every caress your lover will give you. Having piercings on your perky breasts increases their sensitivity. So be ready to be in the mood for some erotic exchange when you wear them.

Give these pieces a try and feel the difference! They will surely give you the nipple pleasure you deserve! Grab them today!

Color Clear
Material Soft Acrylic
Dimension Length:
Ring - 0.31 inch (8mm)
Ring - 0.047 inch
Barbell - 0.12 inch (3mm)
Package Inclusion 6 Pieces of rings

Funky Charms Clear Nipple Rings

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