Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps
Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps
Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps
Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps
Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps

Who says a cupid's arrow only aims at someone's heart? It can target the tits, too—just like these adorable nip clamps! The Cupid-Inspired Cute clamps may look lovely, but they will make your partner wiggle with delight.

These nipple accessories are in heart-shaped rims with arrow-shaped, ribbed screws. These heart-shaped clamps pinch your lover's raisins with the right amount of pressure, allowing you to use your hands for teasing and pleasing other erogenous zones of your partner's body. Furthermore, they make her tits more sensitive than usual.

Underneath these adorable clamps is a ball-shaped bell. Not only do they serve as weights, but they also make your partner's boobs more tempting. Make her boobs jiggle as you play with them and hear the sounds they make whenever her jugs shake!

But to enjoy playing with your honey's melons, you have to place them correctly. Position the hearts around your partner's nipples and remove the screws. Slip the nuts into the respective holes and gently close them. Voila! You're now free to do whatever you want with her body. Lick her clam and hear her moan as you savor her juice—or whack her bushy garden and hear the bells ring as her tits jiggle with every thrust.

And if she's acting naughty, use them as a punishment. Squeeze those nips and ravish her body until she can't handle it anymore. Just watch out for the body signals, though. Pinching nipples for more than half an hour could cause damage to the tissues on the breasts.

Also, don't forget to get your lover's permission and plan the activity carefully and thoroughly before doing this to her. Doing so will make the play safe, fun, and exciting for both parties.

Be a naughty cupid and aim at your partner's tits with these Cupid-Inspired Cute clamps. They're available in gold and red. Pick the one that you like and add it to your cart!

Color Gold, Red
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Ring - 1.75 inches
Ring - 0.68 inch
Weight: N/A

Cupid-Inspired Cute Nipple Clamps

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