Dice Delight Curved Nipple Rings
Dice Delight Curved Nipple Rings

You don't remember the last time your lover was interested in stroking your teats. He seems not to want to touch your breast. Now, you are a girl on a mission. Your needs are immense, and your boobies are missing his touches.

Make your nipple attractive again with the Dice Delight Curved rings. Who can say no to these adorable body decorations? He won't be able to resist looking at your teats when he sees these items glistening as you move.

The stainless-steel pieces are safe to use even if this is your first time. As the material is hypoallergenic, it lessens the possibility of severe skin reactions or even rejection. The area around the breast is sensitive, so you should always opt for a professional to pierce this on you.

This is a gauge 16—a size that fits most nipple sizes. As you wear this, you will feel the difference. You see, this adornment is not for the eye. It will increase the sensitivity of your breast. So, when your lover decides to touch your nipples during your sessions, you will feel the electrifying release of his caress.

These pieces are not only for upgrading your sexual experience, but they will also make you look extra perky every day! Imagine wearing these underneath your sexiest halter tops? Or your favorite cropped top? Now that's a party waiting to happen.

Never forget to clean the area to avoid infection. One way to do this is by wiping the spot with your preferred disinfectant.

You can't just wait there in vain, hoping for a miracle to happen. You have to take things into your own hands if you want more action than what you are getting. Entice your lover with these pieces, and he will surely take the bait! Add these trinkets to your purchase today!

Color Black, Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces of rings

Dice Delight Curved Nipple Rings

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