Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars
Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars
Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars
Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars

Your lover is an amazing person, but his foreplay skills really need a boost. He seems to be uninterested in taking time to caress your body parts that long for stimulation. Maybe he thinks having a colossal package is enough, and he takes for granted all the other routes of pleasure. Anyhow, leaving him for someone else is not an option—yet. Not until you have tried other things which can convince him to lick and play with you during sexy time.

Well, there’s a surefire way to catch his attention without using sex toys that might offend his big ego: get a piercing! Okay, if needles down there scare you, then you can gauge your pain tolerance by doing a test run on your nipples. But first, get your hands on the Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars before you book an appointment with your professional piercer.

These teat trinkets are made of premium stainless steel, which means they are absolutely safe for body use because they are non-tarnishing and rust-free. This material also requires low maintenance, as you can easily sanitize and disinfect it. You have three styles to choose from, but it’s best if you get them all because all of them are so adorable. Mix and match them during your sexy schedule, and you’ll surely get all the fondling you wish for.

This piercing jewelry features geometric shapes instead of the usual ball weights that most rings have. Not only do they add colors to your bland sex routines, but they also give off a certain vibe to convince your partner to do better.

Variant 1 and 3 have heart-shaped backing. The first one has a striped pattern, while the third has jigsaw puzzle parts. On the other hand, Variant 2 has cat-shaped endings with rainbow-colored irregular slanting lines on its surface.

The Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars might change your partner's attitude towards foreplay. It’s a beautiful risk worth taking, so give it a shot and buy this now!

Color Rainbow
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Pair rings

Rainbow Rogue Cute Nipple Bars

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