Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings
Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings
Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings
Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings
Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings

Some people can be self-righteous and give you lectures on being happy with what you have. But in reality, it is normal to want more. And if having good sex will make you happy, then, by all means, feel free to do whatever you want to make it happen. It’s your life anyway, so don’t let anybody live it for you.

If you already own several sex toys, and you run out of ideas to ensure a top-notch banging session each night, take this as a sign to try something different. Did you know that you can go to your local tattoo and piercing parlor to fix your carnal cravings? Bet you know someone who sports a piercing, but what exactly does it do? Well, aside from aesthetic pleasure, getting bling down there makes your butter bean twice as sensitive, too. But if you’re still reluctant to pierce a hole between your thighs, you can test your pain tolerance and get a ring first.

The Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings are perfect for you. This piercing jewelry is made of 316L surgical steel, a material used in high-quality accessories. It is nickel-free and rust-proof; thus, making it safe for body use. You are getting your value for money when you purchase this item.

Furthermore, these rings have a gauge of 14G, the standard size to use on delicate body parts. Knowing the correct gauge lowers the risk of piercing migration and rejection, so you must be keen on this detail.

Now onto the best part—its design. This nipple bling features a pair of exquisite-looking birds on both ends of the bar. It’s as if they are perched on your cherries, sensually chirping for your lover to come closer and nestle on your chest. These charming birds are studded with sparkly cubic zirconia, with wings and feathers painted with an icy blue hue. You can have this jewelry in silver or gold; both are equally stunning.

An item as pretty as this gets sold out quickly. Blink, and you’ll miss it—so order yours soon!

Color Silver, Gold
Material 316L Surgical Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar - 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Bird Charm - 0.49 inch (12.38 mm)
Gauge - 14G- 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Bird Charm - 0.47 inch (12.15 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of rings

Peck Your Wood Cute Nipple Piercings

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