Sweet Princess DDLG Necklace
Sweet Princess DDLG Necklace
Sweet Princess DDLG Necklace

Your little princess has been a good girl. She does everything you tell her, and she takes delight in playing with you. Every time she says, "Daddy, come play with me," you oblige. On some days, she's bratty when she doesn't get what she wants, but still, she is a darling who deserves your affection.

Tell your little girl that you adore her by giving her a gift she deserves. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive if you’re worried about your budget. The Sweet Princess DDLG Necklace is a charming piece of jewelry that doesn’t fall short of beauty.

It’s a dual-stringed necklace, and each string comes with a pendant. The first one is a cursive nameplate that reads, "Princess." It hangs just below the bezel-set heart-shaped pendant. The heart charm is zirconia, which closely simulates the brilliance of a diamond. These charming adornments are securely attached to chains.

The first chain settles gracefully between the collar and the bust, while the second layer rests on the collar. The necklace will stay in place as it is designed with a secure clasp. Available in gold and rose gold colors, the neck adornment looks splendid! Whichever you pick, it will turn your little girl from being bratty to sweet!

The piece is made of copper, an essential mineral found in nature and inside the body. Wearing copper jewelry has several health benefits. It’s believed that it boosts the immune system and improves cardiovascular health. It’s anti-aging, too. No wonder it’s a popular material in jewelry making because of the growing demand. It's truly an elegant piece that will add a touch of glamour to her fashion while making her healthy. This jewelry is worth gifting!

To make the luster last long, tell your little girl to remove it whenever she takes a shower or goes swimming. She should also store it in a jewelry box or any moisture-free container when not in use. Simple and easy. Buy now!

Color Gold, Rose Gold
Material Copper
Dimension Length:
Chain: 14.57 + 2.17 inches (37 + 5.5 cm)
Princess Pendant: 0.31 inch (0.8 cm)
Heart Pendant: 0.24 inch (0.6 cm)
Princess Pendant: 0.91 inch (2.3 cm)
Heart Pendant:0.28 inch (0.7 cm)

Sweet Princess DDLG Necklace

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