DIY Disposable Nipple Piercing Kit

It is undeniable that you are committed to body piercing. The rings pierced through your earlobes are not enough to give you the body modification you desire. You need more!

There is something about getting punctured. It is painful yet intoxicating. Not only does the jewel become a part of your body, but it also becomes a part of your lifestyle.

You have spent many hours learning how to pierce some parts of the body. Professional service costs an arm and a leg. But now that you are confident and ready to do it yourself, you can make a lot of savings.

Making great savings shouldn’t compromise your safety, which is why you need this DIY Disposable Piercing Kit to get you started. This do-it-yourself piercing kit has everything you need.

The package includes four tools to get everything done seamlessly, from puncturing your skin to inserting the barbells to where they should be. The package contains seven needles that correspond with the gauge of the jewelry pieces. These needles are sterilized and sealed, ready for use.

Next are the jewelry pieces made of stainless steel. These are curved and horseshoe barbells not only for your nipples but also for your eyebrows, lips, and nose.

The kit includes everything you need. But before you begin, wash your hands thoroughly and put on surgical gloves. Use cotton dampened in alcohol to clean the area you wish to pierce. While drinking alcohol can increase your pain tolerance, it’s advisable not to drink any since you need to be clearheaded while pricking yourself.

Dispose of the used needles and tools properly. Last but not least, use a saline spray to aid healing and avoid bacterial infection issues with new piercings.

Body piercing is made easy and convenient with this DIY kit. Buy yours now before stocks run out!

Color Barbells: Silver
Clamps and Pliers: White, Black, Clear, Orange
Needles: Silver
Material Pliers: Plastic
Needles and Barbells: Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion Disposable needle pliers
Disposable Triangular Clamp
Disposable Expansion Clamp
Disposable Ring Clamp
Needles (12G, 13 G, 14G, 15G, 16G, 18G, 20G)
7 pairs of piercing jewelry

DIY Disposable Nipple Piercing Kit

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