Dual Layer Leather Tawse
Dual Layer Leather Tawse
Dual Layer Leather Tawse
Dual Layer Leather Tawse

Spanking your partner with your hand does not seem to give her pleasure. Usually, when you give her a good smack on the ass, she reacts with moans of pleasure. But now, when you do that, you never get that response anymore.

You need to up your tactics! There are tons of erotic tools to help you please your partner, especially when she's the type who likes to be spanked. The Dual Layer Leather Tawse is a nice upgrade from the ordinary hand whacking you have long enjoyed.

Don't get intimidated to try out this sex toy. It's easy to use, and you regulate how hard you want to hit your lover! Unlike mechanical vibrators or a dildo, this toy offers painful pleasure with your total control.

You can rely on its incredible dual PU leather layer. It has a smooth surface with reliable sturdiness. Best believe you will get your money's worth as the two will make sure they can provide all the spanking you are planning.

Moreover, the leather strips give an extra sting when they hit the skin. But as it's composed of strips, it won't be as painful as a solid paddle. The grip is also essential when hitting your lover with the proper force. You will get a proper hold on it with the wrist strap. Another feature of the tawse is that it can be grazed over your lover's skin to tease during foreplay.

Start with softer lashes before exploring a more sinister whipping action. Another precaution you can do is to practice with a pillow before doing the deed with your lover. This way, you will see the impact as you put force on your whips.

When you are done, wipe the surface with your preferred disinfectant. Make sure to avoid exposure to heat and moisture as these may damage the material.

You know it's time to up your bedroom tactics. Make that move with this lovely tawse!

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 9.25 inches (23.5cm)
Width/Diameter: 2.17 inches (5.5cm)

Dual Layer Leather Tawse

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