Easy to Carry Leather Taws
Easy to Carry Leather Taws
Easy to Carry Leather Taws
Easy to Carry Leather Taws

How do you punish a rowdy baby girl? By giving her the spanking she deserves, of course! She is pushing your patience and has been naughty for the longest time. You like to tease her with this new attitude, but still, you need to find a new toy to mark yourself as a firm Master of the relationship.

What you need to get is the Easy to Carry Leather Taws. This punishing tool is everything you need to remind her that you mean business when it comes to penalties.

You need to stop giving your stubborn sissy easy punishments with your palm or your belt. This whipping tool will make the session more sinister. The PU leather material is an excellent medium for this taw. It has that firm texture to build pressure when lashed on a body part. Much like the old-school belt, this has a strip of leather looped together to form a rigid whip. The handle is composed of hardened leather, connected by silver rivets and buttons. You can hold this firmly as you flog this toy.

When you pull the ends of the looped belt and snap them vigorously, it will create a slapping sound. This is an auditory tease to build anticipation with your partner before the deed. Grab your blindfold and handcuffs to elevate the experience!

There are tons of ways to enjoy this indulgent item. But before anything, you must discuss the different dos and don'ts of impact toys. Whatever your level of BDSM expertise, you have to establish safe words and cues for time-outs during the deed.

To keep this on top shape, give it a quick wipe using a dry cloth after using. Then, keep this stored in a separate box, away from moisture or extreme heat.

Make your point with this helpful tool. Don't forget to add this to your check-out items today!

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leahter
Dimension Length: 11.42 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches

Easy to Carry Leather Taws

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