Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace
Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace
Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace
Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace
Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace

Not all slaves have shackled feet. Some of them freely roam high fashion streets wearing their chains around their neck. Feast your eyes on the Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace because you’ll soon be wearing it.

If you love chains so much that you want them 24/7 on you, but you can’t flaunt your slave status in public, there’s a stylish way of doing it. This padlock necklace will symbolize your devotion to your Master, but it won’t reveal your BDSM lifestyle to people outside the community.

The necklace features two padlocks: the bigger one hangs as a pendant, and the smaller one is interlinked with the links. The necklace boasts a cable chain with oval links that are connected to one another securely.

To keep the necklace secure in place, lock the lobster clasp. The piece is to be worn like a choker, but it has extra links for adjustments.

The two variants are gold and silver, but why do you have to be in a dilemma of choosing when you can have both? Silver goes well with a little black dress, and you can be hip or punk while wearing it. Gold is as versatile as it can go well with anything. Let your fashion style play however you please!

This expensive-looking piece of jewelry won’t cost you a fortune because the necklace is made of stainless steel. It’s affordable, yet it looks like the real deal. Strong, rust-resistant, and solid—it will surely last, provided you treat it with TLC. Keep it in a jewelry box or an airtight container to keep it safe from moisture. When going swimming or taking a shower, take it off as chlorine can ruin the luster.

Add a personal touch to whatever outfit you're wearing soon. Buy now!

Color Silver, Gold
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Pendant - 0.59 inch (15 mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Voguish Slave Padlock Necklace

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