White Pearl Erotic Body Jewelry
White Pearl Erotic Body Jewelry

Nothing beats an alluring pair of a lacy brassiere and a G-string. But what if this duo has lost charm and appeal? Your master doesn’t seem fascinated at all when he looks at you almost naked or in lingerie. You want to flirt to get that delicious punishment you deserve, but how?

Here’s how! Put on the White Pearl Erotic Body Jewelry to get him in the mood. What else could you possibly need with this thong-like string of pearls? When you put this seductive piece on, the message is clear. You want to play with your master in bed.

Add a touch of allure to your body when you want to flaunt it. The G-string features a series of pearls to decorate your seat of pleasure. The piece comes with an elastic waist strap to accommodate a range of sizes. Right at your genital are pearls that will circle your opening. Enjoy maximum butt exposure as the single strand of pearls at the back is more than enough to cover your rear hole. That is how inviting this luscious piece is.

With hooks securely attached to the waist strap and strong strings holding the fine pieces together, spilling the pearls is the least of your worries. Do you know what makes them even better? They won’t get in the way during pounding spree. What they do is add extra stimulation for you and your partner to savor and enjoy. He can penetrate your rear hole, or he can pound your lady garden.

As the pearls gather your love juices, wash them. Fill a bowl with warm water, then add mild soap. Put the piece into the bowl, and clean the pearls and their string with a toothbrush. Dry them well with a chamois cloth. It's that simple!

Seduce your master soon, and buy this White Pearl Erotic Body Jewelry now!

Color White with Black
Material Plastic
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

White Pearl Erotic Body Jewelry

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