Flashy Silver Eternity Circle Necklace
Flashy Silver Eternity Circle Necklace

Not all infinity pendants are in a figure of 8. Some are in the form of circles looped together—just like this stunning BDSM necklace. The Flashy Silver Eternity Circle Necklace may not have the usual infinity pendant. However, its meaning is still the same: the undying love and commitment you have for each other.

Elegantly handcrafted from sterling silver, this magnificent bondage collar looks high-class. It sparkles, making the wearer look glowing no matter how the person looks. It also matches any style—be it casual or formal. Hence, you can wear it on any occasion or situation without getting attention for the wrong reason. Likewise, it serves as a bold statement that you or your partner is already taken, and therefore, is off-limits. Once the right people see it around the neck, they will know that the wearer is off the market.

This magnificent bondage accessory features a chain with twisted round links, creating an heirloom-quality look. Its pendant, however, looks plain yet chic as it gives a unique take on an eternity necklace. Instead of the typical figure of 8, it's in a dual-circle form, giving this bling a fresh look. For this reason, anyone can rock this trinket, whether you're a boy, a girl, or somewhere in between.

Since this luxurious collar is made of sterling silver, this jewelry is durable. It doesn't break easily, even when tugged hard. Nonetheless, it's gentle on the skin. It doesn't cause irritation no matter how long the wearer wears it, as it's hypoallergenic. Best of all, it's resistant to rust, as it's completely waterproof. For these reasons, this accessory is the ultimate 24/7 bondage collar that you can wear outside the four corners of your love dungeon.

Celebrate your love and devotion for each other with this Flashy Silver Eternity Circle Necklace. Grab one—or two—now!

Color Silver
Material Sterling Silver
Dimension Length:
Chain - 16.54-18.31 inches (42-46.5 cm)
Pendant - 0.91 inch
Pendant - 0.63 inch (1,6 cm)

Flashy Silver Eternity Circle Necklace

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