Glowing Lover Eternity Sign Necklace
Glowing Lover Eternity Sign Necklace
Glowing Lover Eternity Sign Necklace

The infinity symbol has its origin in Mathematics that means never-ending or having no limit. Two continuous curves meet in a continuous loop. This mark transcended modern culture and fashion as a symbol of loyalty and commitment to a partner.

In bondage, it is essential to establish ownership, especially if you are a jealous Master. Your partner is not in your sight for 24 hours so, pieces of jewelry become a stamp of ownership wherever they go.

This attractive symbol is where the Glowing Lover Eternity Sign Necklace takes inspiration. The copper-made chain is highly durable and can be worn for extended periods. This Rolo chain design is a prized pattern in necklaces because it is pretty to look at and is also a reliable string.

The infinity charm at the center is a real eye-catching detail with its sparkly zirconia details. The lovely gems are patterned on both loops; some are horizontally lined on the top loop, while the other side has zirconia pieces on the lower part. Two prongs on each side of the pendant hold it in place and connect it to the chain.

To complete this stunning display, you can pair it with other necklaces or jewelry. The classic look of this item is one of its advantages as an accessory. Dress it down or maybe go full-on with evening wear.

What's more, fun is that you can choose between the two lovely colors. This article is available in trendy silver and elegant rose gold.

Taking care of this ornament is essential if you intend to keep wearing it for a long time. The secret to keeping this gem in top shape is aftercare. You can wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth to make sure no dust or moisture remains on the copper cable.

Give your lover a pretty remembrance of loyalty. Add this beauty to your purchase today!

Color Rose Gold, Silver
Material Copper
Dimension Length: Pendant: 1.57 inches (40mm)
Width/Diameter: Pedant: 0.79 inch (20mm)

Glowing Lover Eternity Sign Necklace

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