Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle
Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle
Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle
Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle

Kissing, petting, caressing—are these all you've got for foreplay? That's wimpy! Like, are you virgin high schoolers who have limitations in sex? LOL!

Upgrade your vintage way of starting sex to a modern style, rougher-than-ever ones! The best way to do that is to incorporate intimate accessories, like the Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle. It's a spanking device to make your foreplays oh-so-exciting!

You can choose from this product's four available designs. First on the list is the paw-shaped spanker. It's nearly 11 inches long, with a paddle that's 3.74 inches wide. It has paw pads that look so adorable as you swish it. The second variant has a fish figure, with peaks and troughs on its edges. You can see the gills and eyes on it, too!

The third one is a statement piece rather than a cute animal. It has holes that spell XOXO, which means hugs and kisses. And lastly, the naughtiest one and probably the most charming is the fourth type. It has a devil face stencil with pointed wings and horns on its head. So precious!

These products use stainless steel, making them tough and unbreakable even when spanked to the skin. Depending on how hard it is swished against the body, it may leave marks and bruises on the one being hit. So, make sure to limit your plays to one that each can only tolerate. After all, you want to keep your intimate games fun, safe, and sane.

If you want to add an element of surprise in your kinky session, match your desired paddle with blindfolds and ropes. Pet and sensory deprivation plays are the most common games for this sex toy. However, if you can think of other scenarios which will make it more interesting, then you are free to try them, too.

Deviate from your usual foreplays, and make them more exciting using the Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle. Get yours now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Variant 1: 10.63 inches (270 mm)
Variant 2: 13.11 inches (333 mm)
Variant 3: 12.28 inches (312 mm)
Variant 4: 12.05 inches (306 mm)
Variant 1: Paddle: 3.74 inches (95 mm); Handle: 1.14 inches (29 mm)

Extreme Foreplay Metal Paddle

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