Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps
Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps
Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps
Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps
Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps
Girls with nipple piercings turn you on—but unfortunately, your Sub is terrified of getting one. Well, you can’t force your partner to do things she’s not willing to, but you can always find other ways to appease your fetish, can’t you? Attach the Faux Jewelry ring Clamps on her boobies, and your problem is solved!

These metal clamps are one of a kind. This set includes a pair of silver rings with four screws and two tiny bells dangling playfully at the bottom. These bells chime erotically as your Sub moves her body to and fro as you go about your dirty routines during your bondage sesh. Despite its rigid material, the edges and surfaces of this device are neatly polished, and the screws are flat-tipped—so the chances of scratching your Sub’s delicate skin are improbable. Furthermore, the bells come in Royal Blue, Purple, Red, Green, and Yellow colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from!

But they aren’t just faux rings—they can also take you and your Sub for an orgasmic ride. See, these silver rings will make your lover’s nips more sensitive than usual. How so? When you place the rings on her teats and push the screws tighter to pinch her cherries, you are temporarily restricting the blood flow in this area. Now, when you loosen the bolts after no more than 30 minutes and the blood flow starts to rush at the center of her breasts, her nipples will be more receptive than they have ever been.

These naughty nipple pinchers are stainless and non-tarnishing, so they do not require a high level of maintenance. You can easily clean them by soaking them in warm, soapy water. Allow them to dry before putting them in your storage.

The Faux Jewelry ring Clamps will fulfill your fantasies and then some more. This item sells out fast, so make sure to buy this today before it’s gone!

Color Ring: Silver
Bells: Royal Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow
Material Metal
Dimension Length: Screw - 0.31 inches (0.8 cm)
Total Length - 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Width/Diameter: Ring - 0.71 inches (1.8 cm)
Bells - 0.20 inches (0.5 cm)
Weight: N/A

Faux Jewelry Nipple Ring Clamps

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