Feather of Temptation Gentle Nipple Clamps
Feather of Temptation Gentle Nipple Clamps
Feather of Temptation Gentle Nipple Clamps
Feather of Temptation Gentle Nipple Clamps

You’ve danced like a burlesque queen while wearing your sexiest lingerie, but to your dismay, he’s just given you a wink or two and proceeds to watch his favorite ball game on TV. Never again will you let him ignore you like this because you will steal his full attention and interest with the Feather of Temptation Gentle clamps!

Place these clamps on his hands and say flirtingly, “Can you screw my tits with these?” For sure, he’ll set aside whatever he’s doing so that he will be busy working on your nips.

Each flower-inspired frame comes with four blunt screws that he’ll enjoy twisting as he attempts to squeeze your luscious nips. One by one, the screws will press against your nipples as your partner drives them tighter into the frame. Your lover will enjoy the process of screwing your chest raisins!

Once they’re in place, they’ll squeeze your tities gently (or savagely, depending on how deep the screws go). And while you relish the grip and sensations, the feather ornament will mesmerize and captivate your partner as he admires your breasts. Allow him to tug either butterfly to make you whimper and moan uncontrollably. Not only does the blue feather make your boobies look lovely, but they also provide tingles that will trail through your whole body.

Dance like a belly dancer to make the feathers sway. He’ll gaze at you like an enchantress, salivating with extreme lust. While you enjoy the attention, be sure to take off these clamps once you start to feel numbness in the area. Insisting to wear them for more than ten minutes will have dire consequences. Give your nipples some break if you want to continue wearing these beautiful pinchers.

Look seductive with these screw clamps soon when you buy now!

Color Nipple Screw: Silver
Feather: Blue with light brown
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 5.12 inches (13 cm)
Feather Length - 3.62 inches (9.2 cm)
Frame - 1.50 inches (3.8 cm)
Net Weight: 0.10 lbs. (44 g)

Feather of Temptation Gentle Nipple Clamps

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