Feathery Temptations Soft Nipple Clamps
Feathery Temptations Soft Nipple Clamps
Feathery Temptations Soft Nipple Clamps
Feathery Temptations Soft Nipple Clamps

The softest touch can send shivers down the spine if done the right way. Your Sub is lucky because you have this wonderful gift of human touch, and you put it to good use every time you make love. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, though—for you know how to combine pleasure and pain very well. And since you’re always on the lookout for something that you can use to exhibit your sensual skill, you’re on the right track; the Feathery Temptations Soft clamps is perfect for you.

These stylish alloy clamps are not only eye candy; they can also give your partner a bittersweet taste of light S&M. You’ll never have a problem convincing her to wear this because these are stunning. This device comes in three designs, but all variants are equally gorgeous and easy to use. Variant A and B are tweezer-like clamps with feathers dangling on beaded pendants. Variant A displays an elegant combination of black and silver, while Variant B is a boho-inspired accessory with vibrant-colored beads and feathers suspended on golden clamps. On the other hand, Variant C will remind you of the roaring 20s, with its classic design and elongated thin feathers. Unlike the first two variants, this has clothespin-styled clips.

The teat clips have tiny bells attached to the pendants, so they will erotically chime at your Sub’s slightest movements. Furthermore, you can adjust the tension of the clips by moving the ring on the tweezer's arm or turning the bolt at the clip's top. Don’t worry; they have rubber-coated tips to protect your partner’s delicate skin.

Let the soft feathers tickle your lover as they brush against her skin. The sensation will drive her wild, and it’s a lovely sight to behold.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance and grab the Feathery Temptations Soft clamps today!

Color A- Black and Silver
C- Black and Silver
Material Alloy, Feather
Dimension Length:
Total Length:
A- 6.69 inches (170 mm)
B- 7.09 inches (180 mm)
C- 7.72 inches (196 mm)
A- 2.36 inches (60 mm)
B- 2.87 inches (73 mm)
C- 2.17 inches (55 mm)
A- 1.42 inches (36 mm)
B- 0.91 inch (23 mm)
C- 1.46 inches (37 mm)
Weight: N/A

Feathery Temptations Soft Nipple Clamps

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