Silent Submissive Fetish Ring
Silent Submissive Fetish Ring
Silent Submissive Fetish Ring

There is no denying it; your Sub is a Goddess. With her flawless body and perfect face, she is a gem in every way. That is why you are up on your knees in making sure she stays with you. It's not an easy feat as every guy in town has their eyes set for her.

There are other ways to mark your lover. As BDSM practitioners, it is vital to brand your Submissives to make sure no other Doms steal them away. And if you are looking for your very own branding symbol for your gorgeous Slave, then the Silent Submissive Fetish Ring is a great option.

Imagine this ring around her fingers while she strokes your cock like in this video. These adjustable steel rings are unique items that you can pair with a lot of your precious gems. The classic design features the BDSM emblem as its main display. The famous three wheels are displayed inside the circular frame. This emphasis on the bondage sign will indeed mark your flirty lover as yours even when you're not together. 

No time to check her hand size? Don't fret! The adaptable nature of this item is meant for you! Small, medium, even a larger finger size, this jewelry will accommodate all that.

Moreover, this variant is available in three handsome colors: elegant gold, classic black, and then trendy silver. Grab the color that best fits your precious lover. And in the process, grab your ring too! This ring is an excellent way to show other BDSM enthusiasts that you are one of them too!

The stunning polish of this piece can be maintained by regular wiping of lint-free cloth. Avoid brushing the surface with rigid scrubs because it will scratch the pretty facade of this ornament. You can then store this in a separate box, away from extreme heat and moisture.

Tame your wild girl with this polished piece. Make that purchase today!


Color Silver, Gold, Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Silent Submissive Fetish Ring

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