Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps
Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps
Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps
Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps
Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps

Stripping is an art, and there has to be something special in it to make it worthwhile. Taking off every piece of clothing builds up anticipation, so make undressing a special treat for your partner. Show off your naked body, and don’t forget to highlight your breasts if you need to draw your lover’s attention to your chest.

Put on the Flirting Tassel Female clamps to tease and seduce your partner. Each beautifully crafted clamp comes with embellishments constituting a ring with tiny metal bells dangling from it and a tassel that will sway with every move. Enchant him with a sultry dance!

These breast adornments are not just to make your boobs more inviting but also to bring you to nipplegasm. The clips will squeeze your tits, limiting blood circulation in that particular region, and once you take them off, your tities become sensitive to every bit of stimulation. Seize the moment while blood rushes back to the area because even the slightest caress can be overwhelmingly scintillating.

The alligator clamps are adjustable to let you decide on the intensity of the grip. All you have to do is twist the pin to tighten or loosen the squeeze. If you’re new to clamping, then these nip clips are a great choice. The tips are rubber-covered to protect your chest raisins from harsh metal edges.

Made of superior materials, these lovely tit squeezers will serve you for years provided they are taken care of. Store them in a discreet place when not in use, and make sure to wipe off dust and dirt away.

Take some breaks if you want to use them for long periods; otherwise, your nipples become numb. Keeping your nips nipped for more than ten minutes can damage your nerves. Use them right, and you’ll be in a blissful state.

They are available in three colors, so why not buy them all? Order now!

Color Black, Red, Pink
Material Metal
Wool-Silk Yarn
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Flirting Tassel Female Nipple Clamps

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