Charm Seduction Flower Nipple Piercings
Charm Seduction Flower Nipple Piercings
Charm Seduction Flower Nipple Piercings

Even though your lover is the epitome of beauty, some assets make her stand out from the rest. Aside from her face, you have one favorite part: her boobs.

They are firm and have that perfect shape. They don't make it like this anymore!

Every time you cup her twins during your lovemaking, it just takes you to another level.

She is also a bit of a freak; that's why she likes to enhance her titty look by adding accessories. Celebrate her asset with the Charm Seduction Flower Nipple Piercings.

This lovely set includes a pair of unique straight barbell piercings that will make your lover's nipple look extra juicy. The stunning stainless steel accessory can be worn for extended periods without hassle. This material is used even for medical purposes, so you are sure that this is body-safe.

The 14mm rod length is enough for an average-sized areola. Nothing too complicated, the simple yet striking design gives appeal to beginners and seasoned wearers alike. The two barbells are no ordinary tip with their alluring flower design. Let your lover have perky nipples with these beautiful exotic creations.

Make sure you unscrew the ball backings first before slipping this on the pierced nipple. Once inside, make sure you put them back and lock them in place. These trinkets will make the hoo-has more sensitive to stimuli. As the lover, a little touch goes a long way! You can breathe on her teats, and she will feel the air on those extra receptive teats!

The key to a safe piercing is hygiene. Don't allow harmful bacteria to harbor on the trinket. Wipe the pair with your preferred disinfectant. Also, if this is your partner's first time to be pierced, bring her to a proper piercer. It's best to let the professional handle this delicate process.

Treat her like a queen and add this to your purchase today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Rod: 0.55 inch (14mm)
Barbell: 0.39 inch (10mm)
Width/Diameter: Rod: 0.06 inch (1.6mm)
0.31 inch (8mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Pair Nipple Barbell

Charm Seduction Flower Nipple Piercings

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