Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry
Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry
Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry
Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry
Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry

There’s a lot of misconception about BDSM. Much has been said about its practitioners as damaged individuals raised from abusive and violence-stricken environments. But what the vanilla people don’t really know is that these enthusiasts are in for the thrill. They are enjoying the sexuality and lifestyle behind the restraints, control, and other power dynamics. They are ordinary people living kinky lives and pushing their sexuality beyond the limits set by society.

And if you are in for this kind of pleasurable experience, then there’s no way you’re skipping this Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry.

These flower-inspired clamps, as seen in this video, have four screws on their edges. These screws are used to adjust the clinching mechanics of these tools according to the wearer’s pain tolerance. Fasten them one by one and slowly see your partner getting tormented. Use it with your other devices for torture and wait for her reactions. Every twitch and scream she’ll make will send you to ecstatic bliss. What makes this product more exciting is the chain connecting the clips. It tugs her tits in the middle, adding more thrill to the experience.

A product made of stainless steel, this luscious bling will never give you reasons not to have this. From its design to its use, this set is indeed one-of-a-kind. Stainless steel, as a component, is also known for its hypoallergenic feature, making your playtime safe. It also boasts incredible durability, so you know you are getting what you paid for. All parts of this ensemble are crafted meticulously, leaving your partner’s skin unscathed.

Leave no room for health issues by using these clamps hygienically. Rinse them well with warm, soapy water before and after every use. Put the whole set into a boil for 5 to 10 minutes for sterilization. Always remember that health is indeed your wealth. Keep all these practices in mind, and you’ll never encounter problems as you use this product.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Chain - 6.30 inches (160 mm)
Clamps - 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Clamps - 1.38 inches (35 mm)
Head of the Screw - 0.24 inch (6 mm)
Body of the Screw - 0.16 inch (4 mm)
Clamps’ Inner Diameter - 0.51 inch (13 mm)
Clamps’ Outer Diameter - 1.50 inches (38 mm)
Weight: N/A

Flower Power Nipple Chain Jewelry

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