Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle
Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle

When your sub keeps disobeying your orders and demands, it's time to remind your docile lover who the boss is! Bring out your dominant side, and don't let your bottom take over. Give your passive partner stern discipline with this Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle!

As the name implies, this devious tool is made of high-quality leather. It also has a rigid handle made of wood for easy grip. Furthermore, this handstitched wicked toy is accented with rustic studs in the middle for that rugged yet exquisite look.

But that's not the only purpose of these metal rivets. Besides making the paddle stylish, these studs deliver an extra sensation to the skin, leaving marks on your sub's begging flesh. With this wild and wicked toy, your dark side will come out of the closet!

Before engaging in this kinky activity, be sure to get your lover's consent and establish a safe word or gesture to be used. Once the conditions are agreed upon, go ahead and prepare yourself and your slave for a mind-boggling activity in bed. Slap your bottom's sexy ass without compassion! Leave a mark with each blow—the way feisty doms do it.

If that punishment isn't enough, go ahead and take things up a notch. Use a tickler on any of your brat's sensitive spots along with the paddle. Use them alternately until your sub begs for your mercy. Alternatively, use this impact device with your bondage tools. Put your plaything on a restraint to make sure that your slave won't escape!

When playtime is over, be sure to give your lover—and the paddle—some aftercare. Show your partner some love through gentle strokes and kisses. As for the paddle, dip a clean towel in soapy water and rub it on its surface to remove all bodily fluids it accumulated. Dry it well with a dry cloth, then store it away from other toys to prevent contamination.

Make your naughty sub squirm with pain and pleasure. Grab this Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle!

Color/Type Brown + Black
Material Handle: Wood
Paddle: Leather + Steel
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 12.6 inches
Paddle - 7.1 inches Handle - 5.5 inches
Paddle - 2.5 inches
Handle - 1.2 inches

Pull-up Leather Studded Paddle

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