Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet
Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet
Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet

In the old times, wearing chains on the wrists was a symbol of slavery. Slaves, back then, did not have a choice but to put them on. And it was humiliating. But now, putting this symbolic chain on, even on your own, has quite a different meaning. Aside from being owned by someone, it could also serve as an agreement accessory between lovers. It is much like a ring for married couples, but this may allow just one party to wear the jewelry.

If you, couples, are into this kind of agreement, then make it quite stylish rather than picking one just to follow the trend. Get this Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet, and make your hands look so stunning, too!

Unlike your ordinary wrist pieces in the market with just one band, this comes with four lustrous bracelets. They all measure a total of 10.63 inches. The two of them have the same design. They both have a white faux-diamond-studded chain that measures 8.67 inches, plus an extension link measuring 1.96 inches. The third bracelet has a slightly bigger set of diamond-like crystals but is the same as the first two. The last, and definitely not the least, and the cherry on top of this magnificent jewelry, holds the stunning pendant. This pendant is in the form of a padlock bejeweled with shining, shimmering white gems. Aside from being the bracelet's embellishment, this is highly representative, too, as it symbolizes one's being a possession of someone.

They say that diamonds are girls' best friends, but this set of bracelets can be worn by men, too. And, not only can it be used on the wrists, but partners can use it as a set of anklets, as well! It may mention gold in its name, but you can also get a silver variant if you want.

The only person to whom you need to submit is your lifelong lover. Choose who will wear the Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet in your relationship, and grab this set now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Iron Alloy
Dimension Length:
Chain: 8.66 + 1.97 inches (22 + 5 cm)
Pendant: 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Submissive Regal Gold Lock Bracelet

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