Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars
Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars
Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars
Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars
Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars

You are the type of person who waits for your partner to make the first move. But lately, he has been busy and has not given much attention to naughty play. You want to initiate, but you find it awkward to do so. But if you find a creative way to entice your partner to get to bed with you, for sure, you’d grab it.

Here’s a playful and seductive way to lure your man into making love with you. Meet the Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars! These items will be your next favorite accessories because they will get you laid again and again!

The elegant pieces feature 14G bars. Their size is recommended and ideal for nipple piercing. Instead of beads, their decorative ends are heart-shaped. And here’s the fun part. Inscribed on both hearts are flirty words or phrases. Say what you want him to do without feeling awkward! Ask him to lick you, bite you, or play with your tits without saying a word!

There are pairs with “Fuck”, “Titty Time,” and “Cum Here” inscribed in them, too. Take your pick! But why do you have to choose only one pair when you can have all! Surprise him with a new phrase each day to tickle his imagination.

These gold-colored nipple barbells are made of surgical stainless steel. It’s the type of metal you will never hesitate to stick into your nipples because it’s rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Expect that these pieces will not tarnish when exposed to sweat. What’s more, they are hypoallergenic.

To get the best results and protect your nipple nerves from permanent damage, ask an expert to do the piercing. A professional knows where to stick his needles, ensuring that bacterial infection won’t ruin your precious pairs. When done correctly, pierced nips become more sensitive to stimulation. Who knows? You may experience nipplegasm when your man fidgets your titties. These aren’t just for the ladies. Everyone at the right age can wear these playful nipple bars.

Get your nips pierced soon when you grab them today!

Color Gold
Material Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: NA
Bar: 0.06inch (1.6mm)
Heart: 0.35 inch(9 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 pcs heart barbells

Filthy Flirty Gold Nipple Bars

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