Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings
Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings
Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings

Not all jewels are for enhancing your look. Heck, not all of them are worn to be flaunted! Some accessories can improve one's sex life and stay hidden underneath their clothes. If that's what you want, these Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings are for you! These nipple accessories are more than just bling for your hooters. They can amp up your kinky activities, too!

These mirror-polished nipple clickers are placed on the tits. They have bent pins that pass through the nipples, hitting the nerve endings and enhancing your breasts' sensitivity. As a result, your boobs will feel every touch, massage, kiss, lick, and suck they get.

Attached to the base of each ring is an elongated link that dangles as your boobs bounce and jiggle. Not only do these chains make your melons the center of attention, but they can also level up your erotic play! Pull the chains as hard as you want and feel a mind-blowing sensation around your bosom. Better yet, attach a chained gag or clitoral clamp to elevate the experience. It's up to you how you want your partner to tease or torment you.

The piercings are made of 925 sterling silver. This material is a popular choice in making jewelry as it's more affordable than genuine silver. Nonetheless, it's as stunning as the real deal. It's also nickel-free, making it a perfect choice for those with metal allergies. Besides sterling silver, these rings are gold-plated; hence, their shine will last long.

Despite all these remarkable qualities, these jewels need to be cleaned, especially if your boobs have just gotten pierced. Wash these rings with diluted saline solution twice daily or after taking a shower. Wipe them with a paper towel or dry cloth before putting them back on.

Get accessories that will level up your look and your kinky activities. Grab these Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings now!

Color Gold
Material Sterling Silver
Dimension Length: 1.38 – 1.57 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.33 inch
Package Inclusion 2 X Dangling Nipple Clickers

Pull My Bosom Gold Nipple Piercings

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  • $49.99

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