Gravity Ball Spider Clitoris Clamp
Gravity Ball Spider Clitoris Clamp

You admire your submissive partner's grit. She never seems to have any limits. With every challenge you bring, she finds immense pleasure and joy in it. The sadist in you wants to see her in pain and to hear her beg for release. Take erotic punishment up a notch with the Gravity Ball Spider Clitoris Clamp! Clip her button with it, and relish watching her writhe in pure bliss.

The clit clip only gets tighter when tugged or pulled. It’s unforgiving, yet its intensity can be controlled. Hence, it’s perfect for beginners as well as experienced users. Attached to the clip are two metal balls, and each metal sphere is 1 inch in diameter. The clit clamp weighs 0.43 lb. or 196g, heavy enough to tug down the pleasure button. The balls don't just add weight; they also provide extra stimulation when they dangle on her perineum.

The clamp's tightness can be adjusted by simply twisting the thumbscrew underneath it. It can be savage if you choose to, but it won't damage your partner's pleasure button when used for not more than ten minutes.

Sold in pairs, the product isn't just for the clitoris. You can clip both of her tits to give her a taste of heavenly nipplegasm. Why not make the punishment more delightfully delicious by licking and sucking her lady bits before clamping them?

Be ready for a thrilling adventure anytime, anywhere, because the clamp is so easy to carry around. Whenever you have one within reach, your imagination will always run wild, and you'll always have a trick up your sleeve. Make sure to keep it sterile, especially when you have different partners.

Made of premium metal, the clip is hypoallergenic and safe for body use. It's a pleasure clit clip you won't hesitate to employ during your hot sessions. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length: 5.51 inches (14 cm)
Clip: 3.15 inches (8 cm)
Width/Diameter: Ball: 0.98 inch
Weight: 0.43 lb. (196g)

Gravity Ball Spider Clitoris Clamp

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