Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery
Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery
Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery
Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery

A pleasure-seeker leaves no stone unturned. His curiosity drives him to explore. If you revel in sexual pleasure, you probably have discovered a part of your body that’s also highly sensitive to stimulation. It’s located between the anus and the genitals. In most cases, it doesn’t get as much attention as the other erogenous parts of the body.

Your perineum also needs some pampering during foreplay. When licked or lightly bitten, it brings indescribable delight. Get your partner’s attention in that specific area by getting it adorned with the Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery. It’s a straight barbell with spherical beads. This intimate piece is sexually arousing when played with, pulled, or tugged.

There are more than 60 size variants to choose from to suit different needs. The bar comes in two lengths, 4 mm and 6 mm. Its thickness ranges from 1.6 mm to 4 mm. Do you want bigger beads? The options are expansive, from 5 mm to 18 mm in diameter. Ask a professional piercer which size suits you best for initial piercing. But if you have been wearing one and want to replace it, feel free to choose your weapon of any size.

Guiche piercing is done through the perineum, and you can choose if it’s closer to your butt or your sex organ as it can stimulate genital or anal nerves. Majority of those who have it experience intense orgasms when the piercing is played with during climax.

This Guiche jewelry is made of premium stainless steel. It’s a hypoallergenic metal, hence ideal for body piercing. It’s also a non-tarnishing and rust-proof material, so it will surely last a lifetime. And last but not least, it’s affordable yet expensive-looking.

Give your perineum the attention it needs because it will give you back blissful orgasms. Enjoy soon when you buy today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length/Gauge:
0.06 x 0.16 inch (1.6 x 4 mm)
0.06 x 0.24 inch (1.6 x 6 mm)
0.08 x 0.16 inch (2 x 4 mm)
0.08 x 0.24 inch (2 x 6 mm)
0.12 x 0.16 inch (3 x 4 mm)
0.12 x 0.24 inch (3 x 6 mm)
0.16 x 0.16 inch (4 x 4 mm)
0.16 x 0.24 inch (4 x 6 mm)
Bead Diameter:
5 mm: 0.20 inch
6 mm: 0.24 inch
8 mm: 0.31 inch
10 mm: 0.39 inch
12 mm: 0.47 inch
14 mm: 0.55 inch
16 mm: 0.63 inch
18 mm: 0.71 inch
Package Inclusion 1 Piece Perineum Barbell

Perineum Tickler Guiche Piercing Jewellery

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