Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse
Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse
Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse
Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse

From your Georgian dresses to your Victorian hairstyle, there's no denying you're a fan of vintage memorabilia. Even in sex, you're the conventional type who prefers old tricks to be aroused. And even in foreplays, you like getting spanked with traditional tools like leather belts and cuffed with hemp rope instead of the modern metal paddles and cuffs.

You will like this Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse if your taste suits the vintage ones. By the looks of it, you know it's inspired by an ancient punishment tool. How come? Because it really is!

However, unlike the original tawses that use wood, this one is made of premium PU leather. Another difference is, the old punishment tool has quite a simple, elongated shape. But with this product, with just a sight of it, you can feel its effect once it lashes against the skin. It has multiple pointed edges that resemble a sawtooth. It has two plies with a handle that has been clipped together using metal buttons. Attached to its end is a string that acts as a hook, should you need to hang it anywhere you want.

As it uses leather, you may think it is a lenient tool. But remember that it's a stretchy material. Its impact on surfaces is severe. It may leave marks and even bruises when lashed against the skin. Especially with its pointed tips and edges, you need to speak with your partner if you can both take the effect of the ruthless device! Talk about the limits and boundaries of your play. If necessary, assign safewords to keep it safe and sane as much as possible.

It's rare to find a gem like this. So now that it's in front of you, you wouldn't want to miss the chance of getting it. Add the Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse to your cart now!

Color/Type Brown, Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Tawse: 13.8 inches
Ring: 5.3 inches
Width: 2.4 inches

Handcrafted Sawtooth Leather Tawse

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