Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace
Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace
Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace
Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace
Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace

Your Sub loves to be cuffed in bed. She likes how you get down and dirty as she lays on the bed with both her wrists locked on the bedposts. Cuffing is undeniably one of your favorite activities as a Dom, too. It's quite a simple activity, yet it brings so much pleasure to both of you. And for that, this affinity to this kind of BDSM game should be celebrated.

The Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace is a stunning piece of ornament that gives homage to your cuffing attraction. This accessory has a 16.54 inches long chain and can extend up to 2.16 inches more. The pair of cuffs that decorate the center of this neckpiece is a stunning pendant with a crystal zircon as decor. The two bands interlock the sides creating a unique pattern of a locket. Stainless steel is a solid chain that can withstand prolonged use, so you can be certain that you can wear this for a long time!

Choose among the two striking colors. There is elegant silver and pretty rose gold. Take one, maybe grab the two, to match with your partner. You can brand her with this and, nobody will think it's a kinky accessory.

Never forget to wipe this with a clean cloth after use. When worn on a hot day, bodily fluids may build up on the nooks and crevices of the chain. It is advisable to gently press a clean cloth on the exterior of the necklace. Never attempt rigorous brushing on this item as it may cause scratches on the surface.

Giving a piece of jewelry to your lover could mean so much more. Having that discreet piece in you that celebrates your passion for each other and gives meaning to your BDSM practice is one of a kind. Grab this charming item today!

Color Rose Gold, Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Chain: 16.54 inches + 2.16 inches (420mm + 55mm)
Pendant: .51 inch (13mm)
Width/Diameter: Pendant: 0.59 inch (15mm)

Sweet Lover Handcuff Necklace

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