Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock
Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock
Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock
Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock
Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock

Your partner is an attractive girl. She has it all, the looks, the body. She even has a perfect personality. How can you ever keep her for yourself? Well as, a jealous Dom, there are subtle ways to brand you Sub. So subtle, she may not even know it!

Make her yours even when you are not physically together with the Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock. This selection of solid metal pieces is durable enough for everyday use. Metal is a fantastic material for these pieces because of its sturdiness. These are heart-shaped locks that your partner can wear as a pendant to her necklace or her bracelet. These 1.18 inches ornaments are big enough to be noticed by onlookers but discreet for daily use. In bondage, a padlock around the neck means the wearer has a Master. This bold sign will ward off any advances or indecent proposals.

Also, this piece has a key that you can keep. The center of this lock features a hole where you can easily slip this key. For daytime use, this could be a piece of innocent jewelry. But as the night comes close, you can use it in your sessions. Locking her in a leash with an item that she just wore will give you full power over her.

To make sure you get to enjoy this piece for a long time, you have to take care of it. Avoid brushing the surface of this jewelry to preserve its smooth characteristics. Instead, you can clean this with a dry cloth, then store it in a separate box.

Choose from the four distinctive colors. This item has a classic black, mesmerizing gold, beautiful silver, and unique light gold variation. Grab the one that speaks of her character!

All you need now is a chain to attach this. Make that purchase today!

Color Silver, Black, Gold, Light Gold
Material Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 1.18 inches (30mm)

Shiny Metal Heart Pad Lock

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