Cuff Me Daddy Hot Nipple Piercings

Who says wrists and ankles are the only body parts you can cuff? Believe it or not, nipples can be cuffed, too! So why not experience the sensation of cuffing your tits by getting the Cuff Me Daddy Hot Nipple Piercings? Show your Master that binding your limbs isn't enough to discipline you. Go ahead and jiggle your perky breasts and tell him that you want to be cuffed on your sweet, juicy raisins!

This kinky accessory looks alluring, from the jewelry down to the chains. Both cuff-shaped nipple shields are studded with rhinestone crystals for that seductive look. They also have straight barbells, each with one detachable end. These bars are smooth and polished to perfection, making these dazzling erotic jewels easy to wear and remove.

Underside these nipple shields, you'll see drooping cuffs that brush against your skin with every move. There are also three cable chains attached to them that come in varying lengths. These round links add a wow factor to your look that your man won't resist admiring your boobs.

But that's not the only purpose of these hypnotic chains, for you can use them in your erotic games. They're sturdy enough to be pulled when your partner wants to torment your sweet nips. They can also hold other bondage tools, like a clitoral clamp or a leash. It's up to your Dom how he wants to tease and torment your luscious breasts.

This stunning chained ring uses alloy as its primary material. Though they're known for their outstanding durability, they could cause allergies. So if you're sensitive to alloy, it's best to look for accessories made for delicate skin, which you can also get on this website. But if you're not allergic to this metal, then there's no reason for you not to grab it.

The Cuff Me Daddy Hot Nipple Piercings are within your reach; waiting for you to grab them. Just click the "Add to Cart" button, and this item will be yours!

Color Silver
Material Alloy
Dimension Length:
Top – 22.44 inches
Middle – 24.02 inches
Bottom – 26.77 inches
Shield (Diameter) - 0.79 inch
Nipple Bar (Thickness) - 0.06 inch
Package Inclusion 1 X Chain with rings

Cuff Me Daddy Hot Nipple Piercings

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