Spiky Huge Prince Albert Ring
Spiky Huge Prince Albert Ring
Spiky Huge Prince Albert Ring

Your lady has spoken. She doesn’t feel as much sensation as she used to. Coming from a long-time partner, you know that she is telling the truth because even you are starting to feel the same. Although you are creative with your role play, you always end up unsatisfied. No matter how you vary your sex positions, the in-and-out or circular motion never feels new and fresh.

It’s time to get bold for a drastic change. Get your willy pierced. Stick the Spiky Huge Prince Albert Ring. The PA piercing is one of the most popular because of the sexual benefits to you and your partner. The barbell is inserted through the pee hole, and it comes out of the underside behind the glans.

Because of the position of the jewelry, all kinds of penile stimulation feel two times more pleasurable. Your solo moments will never be the same, and vaginal and anal penetration feels more blissfully orgasmic! It’s guaranteed to increase your partner’s pleasure, too. The PA will stimulate your lady’s vaginal or anal nerves in ways you can’t imagine.

Why is the circular barbell more sensational and titillating? Because of the spikes on its ends! But before you dismiss the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry with spiky decorative ends, look at them very closely. Their tips aren’t sharp at all. Instead, they are smooth and round. The stimulation is more powerful and focused with their pointy (but not blunt) tips. Just imagine how your partner feels when the ends rub her clit!

One of the great features of this cock jewelry is its internal threading. This is significant because an external thread can scrape sensitive tissues, leading to more prolonged healing. On the other hand, internal threading guarantees smooth insertion.

Don’t hesitate to get this ring stuck into your peen because it’s made of 316L surgical stainless steel. It’s body-safe, durable, and non-tarnishing. Buy now!

Color Silver, Rainbow, Black
Material 316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: NA
Inner diameter:
12 mm- 0.47 inch
16mm-0.63 inch
10G-0.09 inch
12G-0.07 inch
2G-0.23 inch
4G-0.20 inch
6G-0.16 inch
8G-0.13 inch
Package Inclusion 1 pc circular barbell

Spiky Huge Prince Albert Ring

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