Impact Play Adult Paddle
Impact Play Adult Paddle
Impact Play Adult Paddle
Impact Play Adult Paddle
Impact Play Adult Paddle

Who says kids are the only ones who need a spanking? Adults can be spanked, too, but for a different reason. They want to be spanked, not only to straighten their nasty behaviors but also to spice things up in bed. And if that's what you want, consider adding Impact Play Adult Paddle to your naughty toybox. This slapper is a great way to enter the world of erotic spanking.

This leather-based flirting device is slightly textured and fits perfectly in your hand. This way, you can try different ways to administer and experience a good spanking. Meanwhile, the knotted thread found at the handle lets you hang it in the dungeon or put it in a safe place away from children. You don't want them to know what you're doing behind closed doors, do you? Exactly!

But before you spank your partner, make sure that she's up for it. Yes, spanking sounds fun and exciting, but not everyone likes it, especially if your spouse has low pain tolerance. So before you hit her with a paddle, be sure to ask for her consent. Get her permission and discuss all the rules and limitations that will be implemented while the scene is still happening. Also, set a safe word that she will utter if she can't handle the pain anymore.

When everything is settled and planned out, it's time to hit your submissive SO with your best shot! Get her down on all fours and run the paddle onto her inner thighs and butt, then give her a good slap. Do it again and again until she begs you to stop! After that, give her aftercare and let her feel that she's loved. And oh, be sure to clean the paddle with wet and dry fabrics to keep it in good condition.

Give your partner a slap in the butt with this Impact Play Adult Paddle. It's available in red and black. Get one that piques your interest and add it to your cart!

Color/Type Red, Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 12.6 inches
Paddle Width - 2.56 inches
Handle Width - 1.3 inches

Impact Play Adult Paddle

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