Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings
Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings
Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings
Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings
Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings

When you know you are sexy, you won’t hesitate to go bare all the way in front of your lover. Confidence indeed comes from within, but what you wear can also contribute to feeling good about yourself.

Look your best even when you are naked with the Stunning Internally Threaded rings. These are curved barbells meant to adorn and highlight your luscious tits.

Each barbell features round crystal beads on both ends. These are transparent crystals in various colors: purple, red, yellow, and pink. Choose which you think will best flatter your tits. These glass spheres are set and held in metal prongs, so they won’t slip off when you play rough in the bedroom.

Let’s take a closer look at the bars that will be inserted through your chest raisins. These are perfect for initial piercing because they are crafted from ASTM F136 Titanium. It’s a high-quality metal that’s biocompatible and nickel-free. Hence, it’s ideal for jewelry making. These bars are guaranteed non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Knowing that they are body-safe, you won’t have second thoughts about getting your nipples pierced for the first time. Another great feature of these shafts that you shouldn’t miss is their internal threading. These types of poles are far superior to those with external threading. Threadless bars won’t irritate and scrape delicate nipple tissues because they are smooth from end to end.

It’s essential to look for a professional piercer because puncturing the nips with needles is a serious business. When done correctly, your fresh piercings will heal faster. Follow your professional recommendation on how to clean them to prevent bacterial infection.

While waiting for your breasts to heal, resist the temptation to play with them. After a few weeks, they are ready for your partner’s pinching, licking, and sucking!

Enjoy more heightened sensations in your tits as your lover pampers them with attention. Can’t wait? Buy now and get a piece for every purchase!

Color Curved Barbell: Silver
Beads: Purple, Red, Yellow, Pink
Material ASTM F136 Titanium
Clear Crystal
Dimension Length:
8 mm: 0.31 inch
10mm: 0.39 inch
Width/Diameter: Bar: 0.5 inch (1.2 mm)
Gauge 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Piece ring

Stunning Internally Threaded Nipple Rings

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