Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace
Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace
Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace
Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace

At last! Your slave has conquered her greatest fear in kinky sex and crossed over her hard limit! She was able to swallow your cum! Yahoo! As you watched her eat the last drop of your jiggly and gooey nut, you got so turned on and became overly attached to her, thinking, "She's the one!"

But it's not enough to believe that she's the one for you. You need to give her a prize for that big favor she did for love. Give her a reward that she won't ever resist receiving, like the Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace!

Not your ordinary piece of jewelry, this neckpiece is more than just a symbol of your love for your woman. It is a sign of your obsession with every part of her. It has a lock pendant that symbolizes owning and locking her in your heart and soul. As she wears it, men won't even attempt to get close to her. This necklace should be the barrier against suitors trying to impress her.

This neck accessory uses copper on its chains and pendant, which is studded with synthetic diamonds called zirconia. The jewels covering the entire necklace make its overall look so precious and elegant. It has a chain length that measures just right to suspend around your girl's neck. It can be paired effortlessly with her favorite dresses, especially those that complement silver or gold, the available variants of this jewelry. It can be used for all occasions, too. Whatever top she wears, rest assured that she will look stunningly elegant and sultry! Even if she gets arrested for stealing jewelry like in this porn video.

She deserves all the good things in life after what she did for you. So, lock the love of your life into your loving arms by giving her this Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace. Get this lovely piece now!

Color Gold, Silver
Material Copper
Dimension Length:
Chain: 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Pendant: 1.78 inches (4.52 cm)
Width/Diameter: Pendant: 0.93 inch (2.35 cm)

Elegant Jeweled Lock Necklace

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