Leather Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps
Leather Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps
Leather Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps
Leather Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps

Imagine having your significant other in this collar and clamp set. Does it turn you on? If this image raises your libido, then there's no reason not to get the Leather Slave Collar With clamps! Go ahead. Put the collar around your partner's neck and pinch her sweet nips with these squeezers!

The clamps are attached to the collar via a metal chain. And like the link, they are made of metal, giving your lover's nipples the tight pressure once you place the nipples between the pincers. At the tip of each toy is a rubber cap that you can remove when desired. These covers provide comfort no matter how tight the pinch is.

And speaking of the pinch, the pressure you put on your lover's boobs can be adjusted, thanks to adjustable screws. Just twist them to change their tightness.

The collar that comes with it has two straps—a thin one and a thicker band. The thick layer has a smooth interior that provides comfort for the wearer. Meanwhile, the thinner band has a hook-and-buckle system, allowing you to change its fit and secure it in place. For this reason, anyone can don this collar and clamp set in bed!

Before you try this on your sweetheart, there are a few things you need to know. The purpose of these lovelies is to prevent the blood from flowing onto the breasts. Thus, they make the nipples highly sensitive to every touch, kiss, and lick. So once squeezed for too long, these toys could harm your partner's melons. If you're going to nip their nipples with these tools, be sure to hold them for not more than 30 minutes. Not only will it prevent harming their bosoms, but it will also be enough to make their teats super sensitive.

Torture your darling's tits hard with the Leather Slave Collar With clamps. The gear is available in black and red, so pick a color that you want and add it to your cart!

Color Black, Red
Material clamps & Chain: Metal
Collar: Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Chain - 14.57 inches (370 mm)
clamps - 2.36 inches
Collar - 20.47 inches (520 mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Leather Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps

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