Unmarried Couple’s Lock and Key Charms

You have been together for years, and you are both sure about each other's company. But you are not the conventional couple. You do not believe in ceremonies only to prove each other's love. Having said that, you still want to have a symbol of your love for one another.

The Unmarried Couple’s Lock and Key Charms will be perfect for just what you require. From now on, these will be the symbol of your everlasting love!

These charms are bought separately. They are available in key and padlock pendants, symbolizing the openness in the relationship and the exclusivity of your love. If you have a naughty mind, you may think that the key is for the man, representing his role as the one who inserts the "key" into your "lock." The same idea applies to women for the padlock. Women hold the slots where men insert their erect keys. Come on! You know the reason for the association!

Both use high-quality, 92.5% authentic silver, making their outer appearance lustrous and expensive-looking. They last, too, given their material, so rest assured that they are worth your investment. You can use them for long periods as they are made of genuine metals.

Buy this as a gift for you and your partner. It's a sweet present for anniversaries, birthdays, and even without any occasion at all. You can use it as is as a keychain to your wallet and keys. Or, attach these pendants to your favorite jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. They will surely be great accessories to match your casual and formal attire.

In time, the charms' outer layer may have stains. But worry not, as you can get them removed by your local jeweler in your area. They can be cleaned only by professionals, so make sure to seek help in getting them polished.

Make these Unmarried Couples Lock and Key Charms your symbols of love and affection. Get them now!

Color Silver
Material 925 925 Silver
Dimension Length:
Lock - 0.39 inch
Key - 0.47 inch
Width/Diameter: N/A

Unmarried Couple’s Lock and Key Charms

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