Radiant Lock Bracelet With Key Necklace Set

BDSM has been around for the longest time. It has amassed practitioners from different parts of the world because it allows the expression and freedom usually frowned upon by many. But as the world evolves to a more accepting society, it is good to know that people accept that bondage practice is here to stay. That is why many closeted people find their way to express who they are—fetishists at heart!

If you are one of them, then get the Radiant Lock Bracelet With Key Necklace Set. They are accessories to reveal your indulgence in BDSM plays. It is also a way to show your loyalty to your Master and the whole niche.

One of the pieces included is a flawless bracelet that features a prominent silver-colored stainless steel chain. This link's ends converge into a central pendant that also serves as its fastener. This 7.87 inches chain supports the stunning lock that has a keyhole at the center.

As there is a hole, you may ask if there is a key? The answer is yes. It pairs with a metal necklace that has a key as a charm. Not an ordinary pendant, it has single zirconia at the center for an added impact. This necklace has a chain that is 19.68 inches in length, just perfect for accentuating your neck and chest!

The discrete nature of this pair makes it the perfect accessory to wear daily. You can easily pair this with any casual attire or even an evening look. Worn with your favorite gems or alone, the classic design of this pair is its advantage.

Make sure you give these jewels proper cleaning regularly. You can do a quick wipe with a clean cloth, and you are done! What's important is that you don't expose these pieces to moisture.

Show your loyalty to both the community and your lover. Grab this unique set of jewelry today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bracelet: 7.87 inches (20cm)
Necklace: 19.68 inches (50cm)
Width/Diameter: Bracelet: 0.39 inch (10mm)

Radiant Lock Bracelet With Key Necklace Set

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