Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace
Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace
Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace
Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace

Special days like birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated, and gifts are a powerful expression of appreciation. Let your slave know that she's cherished with the Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace. It's a discreet day collar that will add a touch of glamour and allure to her graceful, swanlike neck.

In jewelry fashion, layering has become a trend, which is why this splendid-looking necklace features three chains. The chain with chunky links and a string of pearls rests between the collar bone and the bust. It's the one that holds the lock pendant with significant size. Your submissive partner can wear this necklace on its own. The second layer, which sits just below the collarbone, is a cable chain. A pearl pendant hangs from it. This chain is twinned with a thinner one whose placement is on the collarbone. This one has a heart charm in the center.

Equipped with lobster clasps, they're easy to put on and take off even when she does it by herself. There are also extra links provided where the clasp can be hooked for adjustability. The metal is zinc alloy, a rust-proof and corrosion-resistant material. Next to gold and silver, this is popular in jewelry making because it is skin-friendly to most.

She can wear these layers without looking overdone with dresses and tops, especially the ones that are off- the shoulder or with plunging necklines. The necklace symbolizes her status in your relationship, but it doesn't scream BDSM when worn in public. That's because it's elegantly discreet!

Truly mesmerizing, the necklace is a gift material even without special occasions. To make it last, store it in a moisture-free container and never let it soak in water. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will shorten its luster, so it's best to put it in a cool, shaded area.

Make your slave happy so she'll always submit to your whims. Buy now!

Color Silver, Gold
Material Zinc Alloy, Simulated Pearl
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Pearly Slave Lock Collar Necklace

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