Silvery Key and Lock Cufflinks
Silvery Key and Lock Cufflinks
Silvery Key and Lock Cufflinks

A fashion statement is one's expression of his lifestyle. It takes a refined taste to dress up, impress, and turn heads. And it's not just clothes that you need to pay attention to because those little details which you might think insignificant will put everything together, just like the Silvery Key and Lock Cufflinks. The pair will add a personal touch to a suit or a dress shirt.

Though these are BDSM-themed cufflinks, they are not screaming the lifestyle. Any vanilla individual will never have the slightest clue of what these symbols mean for practitioners.

Since the pair consists of a key and a lock, either a dom or a slave can wear them. The two represent the dynamics of bondage play where the slave willingly submits himself to a dominant partner. While the lock signifies the sub's status (restrained and controlled), the key represents the master who holds power and control.

You'll need a dress shirt with French cuffs to use these accessories. If you're not a first-timer to cufflinks, then you'll know how to wear them as they are designed just like their counterparts. But in case you haven't, you'll find a how-to video for a quick tutorial. You can even ask your partner to fold the French cuffs of your shirt and put the cufflinks on.

The pair is made of high-quality metal that's smoothed and finished with silver. They are not too big to look loud, but they are not too small not to be noticed, either. To make them last, be sure not to expose them to heat or direct sunlight. Prevent premature tarnishing by keeping them in an air-tight container. Lastly, when they accumulate dirt, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap to make them look fresh and shiny.

Dress to impress and wear your lifestyle. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Silvery Key and Lock Cufflinks

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