Full Submission Lock It Necklace
Full Submission Lock It Necklace
Full Submission Lock It Necklace
Full Submission Lock It Necklace
Full Submission Lock It Necklace

For married couples, a ring symbolizes eternal love and commitment to one another. It serves as a lifetime emblem of intimacy and loyalty. Wearing one means the respect and attachment are there, guiding them every step of the way. And without it, everything feels empty. It is as if the bond is not there anymore.

The same thing works for BDSM pieces of jewelry. They serve as a reminder of the commitment to the ideas behind the lifestyle. Some tops use these ensembles to establish dominance, just like the use of this Full Submission Lock It Necklace.

This zinc alloy piece will assist you, a dominant, in marking your territory. With the chain wrapped around your partner’s neck and the lock and key adornment sealing it, you know you got the perfect piece for your submissive.

It comes in a silver tinge that goes well with an everyday outfit. So whenever she is not at home, you can rest assured she’ll stay committed to her lifetime dedication to you. She can wear it all day, every day, wherever she goes. That’s because it is lightweight and easy to style. Non-kinksters may never decode the secret behind its design. But people who are part of the community can easily spot her BDSM status and what this lock it necklace is all about. It’s sturdy and reliable. It won’t break off quickly, so you don’t have to worry. Aside from the abovementioned qualities, you can also expect this piece to be skin-friendly. Even if your partner has sensitive skin, she can still make use of it.

Maintain the quality of this piece by gently scrubbing its surface with a clean and soft cloth. Run your fingertip on its nooks and crannies to remove all the dirt lurking on it. Make sure it is thoroughly dried as you store it inside your jewelry box to prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew.

Give your submissive the best symbolic jewelry piece. Add this one to your cart today!

Color Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Chain: 20.87 inches (53 cm)
Lock: 1.73 inches (4.4 cm)
Key: 2.48 inches (6.3 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Full Submission Lock It Necklace

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