Promise of Love Lock Bracelets
Promise of Love Lock Bracelets
Promise of Love Lock Bracelets
Promise of Love Lock Bracelets

Your partner's birthday is just two weeks away, and yet, you have no idea of what you're going to buy for her. You want to give her a puppy, but she's allergic to dog fur. You would also like to gift her with a naughty toy she can use while you're far away, but then you realize that was your present a year ago. So you asked for her friends' help, but they couldn't suggest anything.

Let Cum Swing With Me offer you the Promise of Love Lock Bracelets. The jewelry is plain yet meaningful; your partner will love it to bits!

This handcrafted accessory is like a braided bracelet, but instead of nylon or yarn, this one is made of sterling silver—a widely used material in making jewelry. With this around your partner's wrist, they will instantly look radiant. At the center of this stunning accessory is a heart-shaped padlock. This trinket serves as the closure, keeping the bracelet around your lover's wrist. With these features, this precious jewel is a perfect way to amp up any style.

But Cum Swing With Me doesn't just offer a mere piece of bling-bling. Believe it or not, this stunning bracelet is a kinky accessory that your partner can wear in public places. It serves as a slave collar, but instead of the usual and intimidating chokers, this one is in the form of an elegant and classy bracelet. Put this around your lover's wrist and make a bold statement in discreet yet trendy style.

As mentioned earlier, this beauty is made of sterling silver; hence, it's durable and skin-friendly. Best of all, it's completely waterproof, which means your partner can make a splash or take a bath without taking it off.

Give your partner a promise of love on their special day. Buy one of Promise of Love Lock Bracelets now!

Color Silver
Material Sterling Silver
Dimension Length:
16 cm - 6.30 inches
17 cm - 6.69 inches
18 cm - 7.09 inches
19 cm - 7.48 inches
20 cm - 7.87 inches
21 cm - 8.27 inches
22 cm - 8.66 inches
23 cm - 9.06 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Promise of Love Lock Bracelets

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