Pervy Goblin Male Nipple Jewelry

So, you want to be the Green Goblin in your next roleplaying session. You have the costume, the mask, the floating board—everything! But something is still missing. You're worried that you won't be able to portray the role of a wickedly sexy villain once your partner takes off the costume.

Good thing there's an accessory that will unleash your fierce side. Meet the Pervy Goblin Male jewelry. This bad boy isn't a mere accessory, for it can spice up your kinky game, too!

The jewelry features a front-facing nipple barbell. But instead of balls or flashy charms, this one has goblin-shaped endings screwed on both ends. The goblin trinkets have two big red eyes and sharp teeth—all made of crystals. Meanwhile, their heads are polished to perfection and are made of stainless steel. Though they look scary, the stones and the mirror-polished finish will dazzle anyone who'll look at your tits.

Hanging beneath this sparkling accessory is a twisted curb chain. It's connected to two metal rings that clutch between the goblins' teeth. Like the charms, it's also made of stainless steel that glistens due to its smooth finish. With this on your nipple, your raisin will be noticed.

The accessory comes in pairs, so both of your nipples will be adorned by this jewelry. The best part? It's easy to put on! Simply remove the detachable charm, then slip the bar into the pierced nipple and screw it in place. Voila! You can be a wicked and pervy goblin—even without wearing the costume!

This pair of nipple accessories is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, but it doesn't mean it doesn't need to be cleaned. Wash these jewels with diluted saline solution or warm, soapy water twice daily, especially if you've got them recently. Wipe them with a soft cloth or a paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

Be a fiery and sexy goblin with this Pervy Goblin Male jewelry. Grab yours now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 2 X Dangling Nipple Piercings

Pervy Goblin Male Nipple Jewelry

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