Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male Nipple Rings
Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male Nipple Rings
Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male Nipple Rings
Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male Nipple Rings

You may have a modelesque face with a hot body, but does it give you the X-factor? Something that would make women and gays weak in the knees as you pass by?

If not, then get an enhancement from an accessory. Ladies and queers get turned on when they see a bad boy look, and this is what the Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male rings will give you. It's a pair of chest accessories that will complete your dazzling look and make it fiercer as you put it on.

This couple of premium stainless steel rings is your key to seducing sexes of all kinds. With its shiny, metallic appearance that radiates as it hits the light, your prominent chest will surely stand out from the crowd. It has two parts—the bar and the embellishment. Its bar, the one that's pierced through the nipples, resembles a barbell; hence, the name. But instead of disc-like weights on its ends, it has metal spheres that act as stoppers to keep it from falling off.

It comes in four very masculine designs to choose from, Variants A-D. The first one has a braided rope design clinging to the rod. The second type is like a finger ring with a dragon's body jailed on its frame. The third one has quite irregularly braided plaited-style knots. And lastly, the fourth one has an open zipper design—with a chain and slider attached.

If it is your first time getting nipple piercings, don't skip calling a professional to do it for you. This procedure is done only by experts, so leave this critical process to them instead. Let your newly-adorned chest heal completely before flaunting it in gatherings and parties.

Look in the mirror. Imagine how hot you will become as you put the Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male rings on. Isn't the reflection stunningly gorgeous? Then buy them now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Pair of rings

Sex Appeal-Enhancing Male Nipple Rings

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